FW: Favorite Things

a few of my favorite things include:

Jimmy, my pug


A thunderstorm


macaroni and cheese


playing card games with my family

2014-06-21 14.35.07

my family


horror movies


autumn. good god I love fall time. especially the start of the school year.


a new book. a big, thick book that is a long read and will keep me occupied for weeks.

Old big book

bacon. yeah. i definitely like bacon. i don’t dare buy it or i will eat it all. but i order it every time i eat out.


odd thing about bacon: i only like it in its natural state. as a crispy slice or in and omelette. or BLT. but this whole bacon and maple cupcake craze that is going on? yeah. no way. that’s just gross.


EDIT: now that I am adding a pic of referenced cupcake, I am thinking I would very much like to at least try a bacon and maple cupcake. cuz this looks damn tasty.


The Write Stuff

Wow. Been a long time since I have written on this blog. I decided to take a break from writing here since I keep several blogs and I was getting Blogger Burnout. (OK. I don’t know if that’s a thing. I made that up. But it fits.) So I took a semester off. And you know what? I missed it.

So much has happened since I last blogged.

For one, Lindsey’s show on Oprah’s channel made its entire run and I never even posted once.


And everyone knows how much I love Lindsay Lohan.

I missed writing.

I missed mouthing off in a space that is all mine to write whatever I want about whatever topic I am feeling at the moment.


I miss getting my ideas down, a place for them to land so they aren’t stirring inside my head and keeping me up at night.



I missed the process, the way my writing begins stirring like a dust storm until it’s freed from my mind.


I missed the way writing makes me feel.



I missed that feeling once I have already written, that feeling of accomplishment.


I am happy I never deleted this blog. I am happy it’s still here for me to kick around my ideas and spew my crap. And I am especially happy that a whole new community of writers is going to share in my verbal garbage. This is gonna be good.

FW: Fictional Character

what fictional character would i choose as my best friend? omg. that is so easy: MARLA SINGER from Fight Club!


i think Marla Singer has to be one of the best characters ever written. she is tough and course and a hard ass and everything that we tell our women NOT to be. and she does not apologize for it.

some of her Marla-isms: steals clothes from the laundromat. walks across a busy street expecting traffic to stop for her. wears bridesmaid’s gowns as daily attire. Joining men’s support groups, such as Testicular Cancer. just to make friends.


In the book, Fight Club, she is a lot harder than the film. One of her famous lines, “I want to have your abortion” is bad enough. they changed it for the film to, “I haven’t been fucked like that since grade school.” so this should give you an idea of how hard core she is.

In the film, actress Helena Bonham-Carter played her beautifully, she not only looked every part of how I expected Marla Singer to look, she went above and beyond of who i wanted Marla Singer to be.


I want Marla Singer to be my best friend simply because she is bad ass.

FW: Friday with $100

what would i do if all my classes were cancelled today and someone gave me $100? i expect that would head into the city. i haven’t been to Manhattan since this summer and this is now perfect city weather. it’s cool and crisp and can already smell the roasting peanuts in the Village. oh man. I think i would hit up a couple of shops–def The Strand bookstore.


have you ever been there? holy shit. you have never seen the best collection of used books than you have at The Strand in Manhattan. so many great art books! i expect i would blow almost all my $100 there.


Next, I would love to hit up the Costume Collection at The Met. This is new to me….I have only just heard about the fantastic collection of vintage clothing and costumes that are archived there. wow. I have been going through the archive online….the dresses from the 1920s are simply amazing…the embroidery work and the craftwork of the sewing. wow.



I would definitely hit that up. Then I would spend whatever remaining money i had on a book from the museum. and you know how much those art books are when you buy them directly from the museum…it would cost a small fortune. so that would eat up my money.


omg! eating! I totally forgot the eat! there is this little Afghani restaurant down one of the side alleys near Times Square…I ate there once a few years ago. I would hunt that place out and spend the remainder of my day there eating and drinking warm tea.



OK. that settles it. next THursday, my next day off, I am heading into the city.

FW: Haunted Dorm Room

OK, so I don’t live on campus, I will go with haunted condo. Who would I like haunting me?

godo god, I have to give this some thought. OK…if I had to choose my ghost, let it be: OK. i’ll go with someone totally corny off the top of my head and say Desi Arnaz. Remember him? he was the husband of Lucy.


When i was a kid, I LOVED I Love Lucy. I watched that show religiously. I loved that Ricky was totally at the butt-end of Lucy’s silly antics. I loved that he played the conga in a band. I loved that he spoke Spanish. I loved that he was so damn good looking with that dark head of hair….. mmm.

Ricky Ricardo set the bar for my all the men I would love as I grew older…that dark, Latin type that took the butt end of all the jokes. and basically, well he just looked good.

so yeah, I want Ricky Ricardo to haunt me. because he is so damn hot. and I have no idea why he popped into my head for this freewrite. I have no idea why he was the first person I thought off since everyone knows my main crush is George Clooney. but George ain’t dead yet. But he is, like Desi, dark and brooding with that fantastic head of hair.


FW: Pinata

OK. so I am the piñata and and youa re coming my way. like, you don’t really think you are goping to hit me with that thing, do ou? I see you little boy. with that broomstick swining through th the wair. look, I willbwe glad tyo give my yummy candy gooness without you having to breakl me open….cuyz hey, no one wants to be beatebn with a broomstick! so just take that little broomstick away.


hey! wouldn’t you ilike a nice piece of cake? I see tha5t cake sirtting on that table…what a fantastic birthday cake! so much better than beating mwe senseless with that broomsticke! so little boy, you just head on over there o that table and ggrab yoru little self a nice piece ov cake.


no needs the violebnce here. yeah, we ain’t beaintg anyone AT THIS PARTY

FW: Dinner Party

who would I invute to this dinner party? what three people? that’s easy. the three most attractive men I would like to sit across fomr:

George Clooney


if you know me, you know I am all about Geoege Clooney. I don’t think he is the best actor that has ever existed but he sure as hell is entertaining. He is defintiely this generation’s Clark Gable: he looks good at what he does. I went to grad school in the area he grew up. He even filmed one of his movies at my school. I spent seven years there, all the time hopping I might meet him at the grocery store or some other place in town when he was home visiting fmaily, never happened. Well it DID happen, but only in my mind. Oh George. you sure make me swoon.

Mike Rowe


I think this guy is brilliant. have you ever heard him speak, outside of Dirty Jobs? he is clever as hell, really connects with his audience. He is Everyman and I cannot imagine not finding something to talk to him about. I love his whole philosophy about respecting the working class, the people that pick up our garbage and clean our toilets. there is total respect comign out of this guy, for everyone he comes in contact with. It makes me adore him even more. And not just cuz he is hot as hell when covered in mud and filth. He is just a genuinely good guy. Yeah, I would totally marry him if he asked. What? it could happen.

Patrick Stewart


Look, who doesn’t like Captan Picard? OK, not just cuz the geek in me loves this guy but because he is an amazing speaker concerning domestic violence…I love that he speaks for the women that can’t. I respect the hell out of him for bringing his personal history with domestic violence to the front. you gotta love him for this. and well, because he looks good doing it.

You think you know, but you have no idea.

I tend to not veer toward the popular. I don’t listen to popular music and I seldom catch the most popular movies or TV shows. I do, but on my schedule; once interest from the general public wanes, then I tend to head in. Just this summer, for example, I started watching Breaking Bad for the first time. (Loving it, btw.)

So this whole flurry of excitement over cupcakes? I am so late to the party.

I tried my first cupcake last summer when visiting my nieces in southern Jersey. OK, wait. Let me clarify: sure, I have had a cupcake before! I went to birthday parties as a kid! But until this last summer, I hadn’t had one of these newly designed and elite cupcakes. You know the kind: the specialty-style dipped in chocolate ganache cupcake or maple-infused bacon wonderment. In fact, that visit was the first time I had ever tried anything red velvet. For real.

This past weekend, I visited some former students in the city. We had an absolutely amazing time playing catch up over Indian food and bookstore shopping. But lemme tell you, what really cinched this play date was a trip to Brooklyn Cupcake.


My friend Gabby has been talking about this place for a good year now (if not longer). Every time someone visits the city, I see a pic of them with Gabby popping up on facebook at Brooklyn Cupcake. I was getting a bit curious.

What I liked about Gabby hosting this little trip into Brooklyn–aside from saving us the hassle of trying to figure out the NYC Subway system out of the Lower East Side of Manhattan on our own–was that some of the flavors cater to the surrounding Williamsburg neighborhood of Latin and Italian culture and Gabby clued me in. While my own Italian-American background certainly knows tiramisu, no way would I have known the tres leche flavor without asking.

With Gabby, I got the 101 on Latin flavors. And they are heavenly.

So I started, at Gabby’s urging, with the Coquito. The description,

A coconut cake soaked in a creamy coconut milk egg nog with a hint of rum flavor and topped with a mascarpone whipped cream.

does not do it justice. You think you know but you have no idea.


I bought three cupcakes while I was there. I could only eat two. um, they sprinkle red velvet cupcake on the red velvet cupcake.


I figured I would buy three more to come home with. Silly me. I ended up buying a half dozen. A half dozen on top of the two I already ate in the shop. I ate two once I got back from the city, around 9p that night. A chocolate coconut and a chocolate raspberry. The chocolate coconut had huge coconut shavings on coconut frosting. And the chocolate raspberry was a chocolate cupcake filled with raspberry preserves.

There really are no words left for me to describe how amazing these cupcakes are. Were. Because within 24 hours of leaving Brooklyn, I had eaten all half dozen cupcakes. I was a fool to think they would last. With a Chocolate Cheesecake, Guava Con Queso, Tres Leche and yet another Coquito, there was no way they would last.

Because, you think you know, but you have no idea.


FW: Houseplant

oh darling. your leaves are drooping. what is going on? My little jade trees. more than twenty yrs old. you knwo you all came from small snippets of mom’s large jade that used to reside in the dining room, right? remember that tree? mom had to put it on a small platform with wheels to move it around because it was so heavy, so big. i guess that makes that large jade tree YOUR mother, too, since all of you came from small branches.


do you remember moving in with me? remember how i clipped you all off, one by one…small leaves to come with me to my new home. i was moving so far away and i wanted to keep a little of my own mother with me. so i asked if i could take some clippings…that is all of you, may darling children.

i planted you…remember the effort i made in going out and getting special pots? i shopped all day for just the right homes for you all. and once i settled into the new place, i planted you, gave you a place to take root. you rested in soil and began to grow.


when i look at all of you–five in total–i remember my mother’s large jade tree–your own mother from which you came–and i smile at the memory of the effort she put in to watering and talking to that large tree.

she moved it to the dining room so it could sit alongside us while we ate, the entire family and that large jade tree. do you remember?


and now here you are. wilting in my little condo…i have failed ot water you daily and this heat has gotten to you all. i will make sure you will get fresh water as soon as you need it! don’t die on me! in time, i will take two of you and bring you to Samantha and Kate….they will then have the clippings from their grandmother’s large jade tree in their own homes.

keeping that tree alive, for over a decade.


FW: Comfort Food

my all time favorite comfort food by far, has to be macaroni and cheese. yeah, yeah, I know how bad it is for you–that’s the purpose. when I am feeling really icky, I WANT to break the rules. I WANT to eat things I know I shouldn’t. because I want to say: NO RULES. make me feel better by eating what I WANT.


for those of you new to American cuisine, let me describe macaroni and cheese: it is a beautiful concoction of cheesey good goodness. As the name states, it is made of macaroni: half-moon shaped pasta and CHEESE. lots of cheese. now, some people will make mac and cheese–the easy, sort cut name–with different cheeses: American, mozzarella, swiss…yo uname it. I like sharp cheddar with my macaroni and cheese. that tangy yumminess…ooh.


omg. I am already getting hungry. while I do not need comfort food today–I am feeling pretty good–I would still eat some mac and cheese of they have it in the dining hall today.


oh please, food gods….have mac and cheese in the dining hall!


ETA: no lie. mac and cheese WAS for lunch in the cafe today. Go figure. I swear I did not plan it! The best part is everyone in my SCLP class got to try it–some of them for the first time! I would say it was a success. but then….who hates mac and cheese? i mean, how could you?