about this blog

This is the course blog for Assistant Professor Michele Polak, Centenary College.

I require students in all my writing courses to read and post on this blog several times a semester. Because I believe that writing and critical inquiry is best done within a community, the blog format is perfect for bringing in discussion across disciplines from a variety of voices, first year through senior college student. And because I keep this blog public, outside audiences are welcome—in fact, encouraged—to join our discussions.

With the blog, we have the opportunity to continue discussing topics that we begin in class but run out of time to complete or to visit new topics that could encourage our critical explorations.

You will find that the topics covered in this blog follow no specific pattern or theme. Because I am prone to popular culture and gender studies, many of the topics will fall under these categories. This is not to say, however, I limit any topic up for discussion. I ask that you be kind to each other and remember that argument need not always be a negated conflict but should be an exploration toward new ideas.

This blog remains a public blog with any reader welcome to post comments, per my approval (to keep out spam). Feel free to share the URL!

and please read: About Guest Blogging


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