“you get five minions for 48 hours. what are you gonna do with them?”


OK look. I know I have mentioned this before and I will reference that FW once I finish THIS one but I would totally have my five Minions grade you Diagnostic Essays. It isn’t that I don’t love reading your writing–I do like reading your writing as i get to learn about you–but i hate, hate, hate assigning grades. This first paper, especially, cuz this is the make or break grade.


If i could send papers back and not put a letter grade (or point value or percentage) on your papers, I totally would. but you are a generation that needs to know HOW AM I DOING? at all times. you are a generation that competes. and needs to know your ranking.


Instead of paying attention to my comments and how to best to improve your writing–or better yet, note the things you are doing WELL–you all tend to look ONLY for the grade to see what you are doing wrong.

WTF? dubba-you, TTTT. efff????

so this is why I take forever to get papers back. usually, they re read and commented on and then I sit on them for like, a week. a week to think, “if i ut this grade on this paper, is this student join to just give up completely or work harder to prove me wrong? or not work at all because they are happy with being just average?”

damn but i hate assigning grades.

So yeah, my five minions would pretty much run around and drop little letter grades all over your papers. pooping out the alphabet in ways that only Minions might do.