so tonight I go to bed and tomorrow I wake up as someone famous. Who am I?

wow. this is a totally new free write for me. OK. i would have to say: Hilary Clinton. I am going with Hilary. cuz she is a total badass. This is a woman with power. a woman with the potential for even more power.


When Clinton ran against Obama in the primaries oh so long go, I didn’t vote for her. I thought she would bring too much baggage to the White house. She had the whole Bill package behind her. But then Obama won and made her Secretary of State and damn, but that woman proved herself.


She made connections. She did the work. She got to know the international community and saw the need for better relations in politics. And as a feminist, I am loving on her policies for women and children. She is a huge advocate for what women need and how much women are a part of our economy. And how much they need to be a part of our economy, worldwide. So if I were to wake up famous tomorrow? it would be Hilary Clinton.


And I would call every political power that I have snogged up with the last few years and get them to support me in getting bills passed that need to be passed that might just change the way we see the world.


we need more women in power. I am not saying that I would vote for any women to be our next president but yeah, I would probably vote for Hilary. I think she has proven that she has the balls to do the job. or should I say ovaries…yeah. The ovaries to get the job done.