I am not certain this was my favorite toy but it was certainly one I really enjoyed as a kid. I loved, loved, loved my Lemon Twist.


As silly as it is, this thing not only kept me active but also made me cool. Because everyone had one in the 70s. I don’t remember where I got it or when but I am going to assume it wasn’t for Christmas. I say this because I expect that had it been an Xmas present, i would have been bored with it by summer and I distinctly remember playing with it in the summer.

So here is how it works: you put the loop around your ankle and then you essential “skip” jumping for the lemon end. I know. simple, right? You can see how this might be a favorite toy of the college stoner. But in my 10th year, I loved this thing. The lemon end made a rattling sound when you ran with it. I can remember running down Kathleen Dr. with this thing, well past the Kewecki’s house, three houses away.

I am not certain that this toy would be the same today. I think the closest thing out there is the Skip-it–that sounds familiar.


What made the Lemon Twist fun was that the toy was gender neutral…both boys and girls could play with it since it was yellow and black. Today, the toys would be color-coded for gender since the 80s explosion of toy marketing ruined everything about toys for kids. Now we have this shit:


and this tells kids what they are allowed to play with. Imagine a boy playing with anything pink. Think about those implications. So very different than a girl playing with something blue or green. life for kids was so much easier in the 70s. we didn’t have to worry about this shit. We just had to clear the path so we didn’t kill anyone with our Lemon Twist.