Envy: is there anyone whose life you envy? who? why?

I had to really think about today’s freewrite. It was a great idea when I assigned it but now that I am doing it, I am wondering what my students might be saying.

Off the top of my head—as this is how freeweirets go, with no real thought—I would envy a hard-core conservative Republican this morning. The day after mid-term elections and the GOP has taken the Senate. It baffles me. with a 10% approval rating across the country, how they managed to pull in 90% of the vote is beyond me.

it makes me suspicious.

But they must be celebrating. a lot of money flying around out there from the Mighty GOP. and yeah, I said it: a good chunk of those seats were bought. they had to be. right?

because our data shows us that so much of this country does not agree with GOP values.

I question how we are supposed to learn Family Values from someone like Sarah Palin whose 17 yr old daughter was pregnant before completing high school


and whose family has been the source of drunken fist fights.

i don’t get it.

so yeah, i envy a Republican today. Because they are celebrating. and I am not certain what they are celebrating. I suspect they are celebrating the win but with no recognition to all the social programs in this country that will now be affected by their choices.

Yesterday, I read a statistic that said if we funded every single college student currently enrolled in a 4 yr program at any college or university in the country, it would cost us less than what we will pay out for Afghanistan in 2015. just Afghanistan.


I don’t identify as a Democrat—I tend to think of myself as more of a Moderate. I am not that cluless to think that we can do without our military. but good god, can we at least review some of this shit?

I mean, can you imagine this generation of college students graduating without ANY student loan debt, what they could accomplish?