my favorite Halloween costume?

Back in art school, my posse and i ditched class for the day and decided to prepare costumes for that night’s Halloween Costume Party at a local club. Atlanta in the 80s was hopping with club culture so there was no way we were going to miss this event.

The four of us–Robin, Jane, Colleen and I–hit up Goodwill with the intent to come up with a team costume, something we could all participate in. I don’t who go the idea first but we ended up going as the Living Dead Bridal Party. Jane was the bride, Robin, Colleen and I as bridesmaids.


We bought a bunch of old sheer curtains–more than a dozen–and old nightgowns. Went back to our apartment that day and tore the curtains into strips and began sewing them into the nightgowns. Getting ready once the costumes were complete was the best part.

First of all, it was the 80s so all of us had some pretty wild-ass hair to being with. It only took a few bottles of the Hair Holy Water, Stiff Stuff, to bring our hair to its fullest potential. Once we have hair and make-up complete–properly zombiefied and gaunt, risen-from-the-dead eye shadow, we sprayed ourselves with spray adhesive then rolled int he leaves outside to give us all the Just Risen From the Dead Look.

needless to say, we won First Place.