what am I procrastinating about RIGHT NOW?

this was an easy free write for me. ask any one of my students and they will say: grading. I hate grading. I LOVE reading students writing, especially early-semester writing when students are still excited about their writing and not too busy to complete a solid draft–come later in the semester and they totally put it off and hand in some half-ass crap in the hopes it will fly.

I love taking to student about writing and through comments on their papers, i can do this. assigning a grade, however, is a whole new ball game.


Assessing students writing is one thing. Assigning a grade is another. that grade can make or break a student. I never know if I am going to push a students to work harder to improve on their writing or i am going to shut them down, force them into giving up completely.

for this reason, handing papers back are always a challenge. I can never get to them within a reasonable amount of time. and I am always hurting for it….since students needing prompt feedback for successful growth in their writing, sending back late papers will not help them.


it is my major challenge as a teacher and every semester I enter the first weeks with goals of getting papers back within days. it never happens. and i already behind before i even begin.