Who am I stuck in an elevator with for three hours?  Because I am in this kind of mood, it’s this guy:


I love Jerry Garcia.  I am a Deadhead of the finest sort.  I have lost count concerning how many Grateful Dead concerts I have been to.  I am one of the lucky ones that got to see Jerry before he died.  In fact, I saw him several times in concert.

When I was first introduced to The Dead by my friend Russ, i was skeptical.  isn’t this a hippie band?  I had no idea how much of an amazing CULTURE the Grateful Dead have surrounding them—still do, even without Jerry.


Let’s start with the music.  Not only do you have an amazing mess of a fantastic cacophony of beautiful melodies that come from these guys, you have some fantastically unexpected surprises in every concert.  When they start their jam, you never know what you are going to get.  The Dead have this great way of starting out with one amazing song–China Cat Sunflower, for example, that plays out so beautifully–and moves with such an amazing transition into another.  China Cat often moves into I Know You Rider and you cannot help but stand up and dance.

and it is all about the dancing.  Cuz lemme tell you:  you cannot hit up a Dead concert and NOT dance.  You have to.  You feel so inspired to be moving around in the spot you stand in…and people will move you.  the force of the crowd will get you going.


and the people.  OMG.  Deadheads are perhaps the best group of concert goers you will ever meet.  They are always happy and high and just there for the PEACE and the LOVE and the MUSIC.

When hitting up a Dead concert, you had to take a walk down Shakedow Street.  This is the impromptu place set in the campgrounds or the parking lot or wherever there is open space for the music venue.  And here, people sell veggie burritos and tie dye and patchouli and anything else that will make your Dead-going experience amazing.



so yeah.  Would I want to be an elevator with Jerry?  damn right.  and what would we talk about?  I would pretty much just hug him and tell him how much I wish he were here right now…I could use a little Ripple in still water about now.