If you could choose any two famous people to be your parents, who would they be?

I thought of this free write last week because i am watching the first season of a TV show called Hart to Hart. this is a television show that was popular in the early 1980s and ran through to the 90s with made-for TV movies. The premise is this: Jonathan, “a self-made millionaire” and his wife Jennifer, an author are a wealthy, jet-setting couple who just happen to solve murders. When I was a kid, this was THE TV show that defined so much of my youth.


I just thought they were wonderful.

and I wanted them as my parents.


It’s funny who we think these things as children, wanting things we don’t have, like curly hair if your hair is straight–that was me–or to live on an island in the tropics–also me. Not that I didn’t love and adore my family but Jonathan and Jennifer Hart would have made the best parents.

at least in my childish, 12 yr old mind.

In my mind, I ran alongside them solving murders. We were a team, me, Jonathan, Jennifer and their dog Freeway just flaying all over the globe solving murder after murder.


ah, childhood.


It’s amazing that this is where my head was at, at 12 yrs of age. Nothing like today’s 12 year old girls, I am sure.

todayy’s 12 yr old American girl deals with issues such a cyberbullying, eating disorders, self-harm, sexual violence. I had none of that before me at 12 yrs old in 1979. So you can see why solving crimes with the Harts was something completely possible in my mind.

In watching the series now, I have been reflecting back on how much this show defined so much of who i was as a kid. I was so ignorant to so much of what was going on in the world outside of my little suburban town near Cleveland, Ohio. For me, at 12 yrs old, my head had me living with Jonathan and Jennifer on Willow Pond Dr.


such a simple time.