locked inside for a whole week? oh definitely the library. When I was a little kid, I used to go to the library three days out of the week. i spent hours there. I loved being surrounded by books. omg! books at every turn? yes, please.


i started reading at a very young age–age three, my mother told me–so naturally, by the time i could sign a library book out by myself, i was already reading books that were way older than my age group. by first grade, i was reading the books my sister in fourth grade was reading. by fourth grade, i was reading high school books.


i remember, specially, that the library would not allow me to visit the Young Adult section of the binary when i was in grade school. “Too young” they said. so my mother had to come up to the library and signs form that allowed me to take out an y books i wanted. to read any book i wanted. i remember my mother thinking it was s illy thing to have to do. I imagine that seeing her child as odd–an avid reader at 7 yrs old–was not something she thought out of the ordinary. but she had to sign a letter, regardless.

it was like a birthday present for her to do that. I loved it. any book i wanted to read without any librarian giving me a hard time about it?

yes, please.


i read a biography of Peter the Great when i was in fifth grade. I lOVED that book. it sent me on a life-long passion for reading biographies. by the time i was in high school, i had read through all three bookshelves full of biographies at the library.


so being locked inside for a whole week? omg. i don’t know where i would start. perhaps back in the biography section. so many biographies published since i was in high school so long ago. i think i would need more than one week.


in face, lock me in for two weeks. perhaps then, i might just get my fill. h, make it a month. food, water and the pug and i am good surrounded by books. so yes, please. lock me in.