what scares me most? at this moment, it’s bears! big black bears! we have a bear that has been “terrizing” our little neighborhood. I put “terrorizing” in quotes since he isn’t really that scary…he is just looking of food.


but this thing is the size of a VW Bug! he is HUGE!


last night, I was out walking Jimmy when all the neighbors were across the street waving their arms and screaming. I waved. I thought they were just saying hi! they were warning me that the bear was RIGHT AHEAD OF US! that’s when we saw him.


well, to be honest, Jimmy didn’t see him. he had his nose buried in a bush. I saw him though. But he didn’t see us.


So I quickly grabbed Jimmy, yanked him out of the bush and started briskly walking away. I have never seen anything so big in all my life.

well, OK. I have seen elephants of course, but up close, this was the largest animal I have ever seen. We have a horse in our barn here on campus that is pretty big. He already made me nervous when I met, even though all the Equine students tell me is is safe, I kept my distance. so you can imagine if a safe animal scared me, how much the Big Black Bear running around ur neighborhood scares me.

This morning when I walked Jimmy, i looked around so much for him, I think I pulled something in my shoulders. getting our of my car today will be a quick move…I will be running to my front door immediately!